Online Casino Bonuses 101

Online Casino Bonuses 101

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A good thing about online casinos is that they give out more bonuses than their brick and mortar versions. While real casinos give out bonuses in the form of comps, such as free drinks, meals, or rooms, online casinos often give out credit bonuses. Getting these bonuses is equivalent with getting free money.

Here are the most common bonuses given out by online casinos, as well as pointers on their nature:

1. Sign-up bonuses

Most online casinos give out free credits to players who signs up with them. Often, this is a percentage of the player’s first deposit. Some online casinos go up as 100% bonus. This means that if you deposit $100, the casino will give you $100 as bonus credit.

Most casinos have a dollar limit in these bonuses. This means that the casino would only give you up to a certain amount, even if you exceed that limit.

2. Cashable bonuses

These are the most common type of bonuses online casinos give. These bonuses could be availed upon buying-in on a game or by just simply depositing. Oftentimes, these bonuses could only be withdrawn when a certain wagering requirement has been reached.

3. Sticky bonuses

These are the non-cashable bonuses casinos give. They can be used for betting at the online games. However, they are not counted upon cashing out. These bonuses could usually be availed upon deposit or buy-in.

4. Cash back bonuses

Cash back bonuses are free credits given to losing players. These come in the form of a percentage of the player’s total losses. Most online casinos do this periodically (for example, each 3rd week of the month). Cash back bonuses could only be availed by players who did not have a single win during the period of giving out the cash back bonus.

5. Comp points bonuses

As with real casinos, you could avail of free services and products by exchanging comp points. These products could often be redeemed via the casino’s sponsors. Some casinos give out free credits in exchange for a number of comp points. These bonuses, however, are really rare.

Online casinos vary in their terms of how these bonuses could be availed and cashed out. It is best if you read the casino’s term and conditions before signing up. This is in order to know what their bonuses and requirements for cashing out are. Once you have picked a …

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